BIP32 Venture is a Venture Capital (AKA VC).

The head office of our VC is located in the UK, and we have branches in Shanghai, China and Toronto, Canada.

Our in-depth understanding of sector helps us to develop clear and engaging communication strategies to achieve our clients objectives.

Who am I?

  • Famous Projects’ Investor

    Partnership with IDO Platforms

    Partnership with Famous VCs

  • Partnership with CEXs

    Incubation supportor

    Data Analyst


    To focus on primary market investment, project incubation, brand marketing planning and helping overseas projects open up the Diversity Market.


  • WooTrade
    AS a strategic partner, we incubated WooTrade.

    The project exceeded all expectations, reaching 180x in return. It is obvious to all.

  • MeliGames BSC & OEC
    As the Gamefi Project, Meli achieved the great return in 20x.

    As a strategic partner, we did the incubation for Meli and the result is visible.

  • Shadows Network
    As the strategic partner and lead investor.

    In collaboration with the shadows team, reaching 100x in return.

  • Blockspot NFT

    As the lead investor, we do not just invest the seed round. In order to supporter more, we lead to invest the private series A also. Although the project doesn’t launch yet, but the prospect is unbelieveable.


    Our presence is not only as an investor, but we are fully involved in the incubation. As we all know, Kaka launched on Binance, which the project got 100x in return. The results are obvious.

Six projects are enumerated in detail.

The remaining projects are as follows:

Top CEXs

We have connections with top CEXs as well as IDO Platforms.
we can pass these resources to projects.


As our community, we have got plenty of famous Crypto KOLs:

We have good relationship with these KOLs who have over 100k active followers. They have certain influences and rallying abilities.

Through their portfolios, you will find out their over 100k followers are not fake, they are real and active.

Hereon, We will list some of them:

Twitter KOLs:

Technical Support

We provide diversified technical services for different startup needs, including: Techinical auditing, code analyzation, and decentralized derivative development (GAME, FINTECH, WALLET etc.) Startups come up with the idea, but also need other technical solutions to extend their business model.

Marketing & PR

Building communities in several countries around Asia; Publishing related articles or news on top Blockchain media: Managing professional meetings in numerous cities which are highly developed in crypto Desiging related products for projects in order to create the brand culture.

Prospect & Expectation

So far, we have also invested in a number of GameFi projects, and we would like to invest in more.

We are looking forward to build excellent and long-term cooperation, and also we can advance each other’s interestss.

We can make the best of each other’s strengths.